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  • Hi, I'm from Marin and im in college now and your photos of Marin are so wonderful, it's nice to see home on my dash💛

    Ah! Thank you!! Glad I could bring a little bit of home to you ❤️

    Hey, was just curious. What camera do you use?

    Asked by grimneon

    All my photos on here are with my classic 5D or iPhone. My lens usually is a sigma 35 mm 1.4 . I just upgraded to a 5d mark ii so I’m super excited!

    Just saw your picture on your way to Crater Lake-so beautiful! It made me ridiculously happy. I love living in the Pacific Northwest. Thanks for sharing your talent! :)

    Asked by greenleaf9

    Ah thank you so much! You’re lucky to live there :)

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